182 Fifteenth Avenue
Tauranga 3110
Phone: (07) 562 3762

112 Waihi Road
Judea, Tauranga 3110
Phone: (07) 578 8434
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Meet the Scuola Montessori Team

The Professional Team
All of our teachers are experienced and very well qualified; our percentage of Montessori Diploma qualified teachers is unrivalled in Tauranga and one of the highest in New Zealand, ensuring the Montessori philosophy education programme is delivered at Scuola Montessori professionally.

Scuola Montessori has higher ratios of teacher / child than the minimum Ministry of Education requirements. This is to ensure the highest focus and attention is given to your child’s safety, immediate needs, learning observations and professionally written learning stories.

" A teacher..... (must be) ready to be there whenever she is called in order to attest to her love and confidence.
To be always there....that is the point."

- Marie Montessori (1956, p.76)


Lorraine Mercer
Lorraine is Scuola Montessoriís founder/centre owner and Principal Directress to both centres, she holds a Diploma in Montessori Teaching 0-3years and 3-6years, an NVQ2 and NVQ3 certificate in Early Years Care and Education.

Charmaine Spencer-Smith 
Charmaine is our Deputy Head Directress at Waihi Road School, is a very experienced Montessori Teacher and holds a Diploma in Montessori Teaching 3-6 years. Charmaine is also a mum to one daughter.

Karen Hearn
Karen is the Head Directress of the Bambini room at 15th Avenue and the person in charge. Karen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Diploma in Montessori Teaching 0-3 years, is a Fully certified teacher and a married mum of three children.

Jennifer Kemp
Jennifer holds a Batchelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and is also provisionally certified. Prior to studying for her Batchelors degree and whilst raising her own family, Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience working in and being the supervisor of two play centres. Jennifer is currently studying for her Montessori Diploma 3-6 years.

Tracey Du Plooy
Tracey holds a Montessori Teaching Diploma 3-6 years and 0-3 years, has worked in Early Childcare for over 20 years and is mum to two children

James Mercer
James holds a Diploma in Early childhood education and is currently studying for his Montessori Diploma 3-6 years. An enthusiastic teacher, James is keen to join the children in free play and outside activities, particularly involving obstacle courses and garden camps!

Natasha (Tasha) Wallace
Holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently working towards gaining her provisonal certification. Tasha is a married mum to four children.

Jo Huxtable
Holds a Bachelor of Education in primary teaching, is provisionally certified and is married with one son.


Renee Bodley
Renee is the Head Directress at Scuola Montessori Waihi Road and the person in charge; she holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, a Montessori Teaching Diploma 0-3 years and 3-6 Years and is a Fully Certified teacher.

Brittany Jordan

Brittany is the Deputy Head Directress at 15th Avenue.
Brittany holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Diploma in Montessori Teaching 3-6yrs and is a provisionally registered teacher.
Brittany is Mum to three Daughters.

Alexandra Cabrera
Holds a Diploma of Early childhood Education 0-5 years, a Diploma in Montessori Teaching 3-6 years and is mum to two children.

Symon Yanming Sun
Symon holds a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, is a provisionally certified teacher, has a Montessori assistant teacher certificate and is a married dad to one daughter.

Angelina Cutbush
Angelina holds a Diploma in Montessori Teaching 3-6, is a married mum to two children and is our official school photographer.

Carla Campbell
Carla is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with many years’ experience of working in and supporting Montessori classroom’s and is a Mum to two children. Carla supports our classroom during lunchtime.


David Mercer
Centre owner / Centre Manager, Administration clerk and all-round maintenance man.
David has a passion for ika paruru and is responsible for the upkeep of our 3 beautiful tropical fish tanks.

Our team has excellent teaching expertise, qualifications, experience, and on-going professional development support for continuous improvement. Together they make up a well-balanced, energetic and passionate team with a team philosophy that reflects a genuine commitment to bring out the best in your child's learning and development.